Identifying opportunities and minimizing risks


Export Market Research (EMR) is an international research agency that helps entrepreneurs to be more successful in foreign markets and reduce the risks associated with it. EMR provides support for taking good decisions about exports.

This is done by making an export market analysis focused on your product and foreign market. The analysis can be fully customized based on your information needs, as well as three standard reports:

  1. Export market briefing: identifies export opportunities in a specific market and gives the first practical starting points to enter this market.
  2. Country selection report: compares three potential markets, opportunities and risks are identified. This will help you to choose the right market for entry.
  3. Customer or partner selection: A selection of the 10 most suitable customers or partners based on your specifications.


In an open exploratory conversation we determine the information needs of your company. EMR makes a quote, following approval, the analysis will be executed. The report is delivered and a discussion is held about the results of the research. During the reporting discussion we also look at subsequent steps.