eric meijerExport Market Research is an international research agency that helps entrepreneurs to be more successful in foreign markets and reduce the associated risks. EMR provides support for making good decisions about exports. The goal is to determine if a market is attractive for exports in an informed way. What are the possible risks that should be taken into account.

EMR will do this by staying up-to-date on international economic, political and social developments in the world, relevant to exporting SME’s. Topics may include fast-growing countries, sector developments, emergence of new business models, etc. More information can be found on the News page. The source information that is used comes from renowned organizations such as national and international statistical agencies. EMR works with various international partners. In addition, EMR has a network at home and abroad that is used to gather information. But also from specialized service providers (financial, hr, legal) to whom reference can be made. EMR has extensive experience in conducting international country and market research. But also practical experience with operational (financial) management of foreign branches.

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